Vending Solutions

T&A Industrial Distributors offers complete vending solutions from very basic vending machines with simple software, to complete systems utilizing RFID technology. T&A Industrial utilizes solutions from AutoCrib and is a premier distributor of their vending offering. Premier distributors have demonstrated the ability to provide the highest level of system consulting, field support, and replenishment services, through a commitment to continuing education and dedicated personnel.

The AutoCrib product line has evolved from the basic concept of "tool vending" into a wide variety of systems that assist companies in controlling tooling, gages, safety & MRO supplies, as well as other indirect materials. Thinking lean has helped AutoCrib be quick to develop the widest breadth of point-of-use dispensing technology designed specifically for industry as well as the finest tool crib & stores inventory management software available.

The product line includes handheld scanners, automated lockers, automated cabinets, traditional vending, and robotic carousel systems. No other company provides such a variety of point-of-use dispensing technology.

The systems are driven by AutoCrib's powerful software, which provides end-users with real time usage data and in many cases, updates their ERP systems. This allows end users to dramatically reduce the cost of indirect supplies by as much as 50% through accountability and access control.

AutoCrib system users typically experience cost savings in the following areas:

  • Item usage reduction of 20-40% through accountability
  • Eliminate lost items & shrinkage
  • 24x7 access without increasing labor costs
  • Eliminate stock outs through automatic reordering
    • Eliminate expensive production downtime
    • Make on time deliveries
    • Reduce shipping & expediting costs
  • Reduced inventory levels and increased turns
  • Reduction in walk around / trip time to obtain items
  • Purchasing/receiving costs reduced
  • Extend reach of supply chain to plant floor
  • Gain back valuable floor space
  • Use existing employee badges for access to items

Additional data collection & reporting benefits:

  • Collect cost data for profit analysis
  • Collect data for SPC, ISO, or QS certification
  • Job costing for more accurate estimating
  • Identify weak processes or problem areas
  • Automated communication with ERP systems

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